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Discover our handbags crafted from EU plant-based textiles.
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We believe in respecting the renewable cycles of Nature, working locally, and offering products that stand the test of time. 
Our materials

Our Philosophy

Iman Ama is about the rebirth of the calabash as an ode to nature and our ancestors. Therefore, we re-imagine the functionality and raw organic form of the fruit to find the same daily usefulness of traditional calabash containers and re-create it as a new kind of vessel carrying our daily necessities. As a result, our bags are inherently loaded with the same strong values as the calabash: symbolic, derived from nature and anchored in the origins of Africa. In our own way, our reason for cultivating this practical object is to reintroduce these values to the city dwellers of today. Our philosophy is to be reminded to always carry a form of nature by our side.

Our materials

Circular Mission and Traceability

Based on the principles of a circular economy (through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation), we wish to commit to reducing our carbon footprint to guarantee a viable and sustainable system. We are convinced that a good product is not only judged by its design but also by its quality. Therefore, we use exclusively European plant-based textiles and have chosen key European partners who share the same values as the company in terms of sustainable development.

With the aim of favouring short European circuits all round, our bags are sold from our Iman Ama E-commerce, based on a small batch production, in Switzerland, European and International destinations. We collaborate with wholesale EU/International buyers for whom we gather orders that ship collectively in a streamlined manner to minimise our environmental impact.

Our materials

Craftsmanship & Innovation

Traditional savoir-faire made in Italy meets innovative bio-based material. 

Designed in Switzerland, our bags are carefully handcrafted in Italy within a family-owned business known for their unique savoir-faire in leather goods, passed down from generation to generation. The traditional technique of pattern making and the general assembling of our curved patterns reflecting the calabash shapes is combined with innovative VEGEA® Grape Leather. Its textured surface makes for a beautiful sturdy yet soft leather-like finish.

Our materials


At Iman Ama, we prioritise conscious efforts to reduce our environmental impacts. Therefore, our packaging is designed to minimise waste as much as possible. We favour ‘’less is more’’ which means that we use the bare minimum to pack our bags. Our boxes and handbag tags are all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and our dust bags are made from 100% cotton flannel made in Italy.

Our internal cards are made from 100% biodegradable European seed paper. Each card is printed locally in Bern, Switzerland with a disability organisation. Once planted in the ground, each card completely degrades releasing seeds that contain wild flowers.