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Discover our handbags crafted from EU plant-based textiles.
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Our story
The vision of Iman Ama is driven by authenticity, aspiration and resourcefulness.
our story

Iman Ama is an ecological and innovative Swiss brand that offers high quality handbags using local European plant-based materials. Founded in 2021 by co-founders Céline Arbuah Metzler and Sara Cooper, Geneva-based accessories label Iman Ama creates bridges between its Roots and its Time through a respectful and holistic approach to nature.

The brand reminds us to go back to basics and brings us all closer to our roots. The Iman Ama handbag is a vessel for daily belongings. It never goes out of style because it is a timeless and inspiring object that is intended to be aesthetic, functional and versatile for the demanding daily lives of its clientèle. Each design features an instantly recognizable signature silhouette to the brand.