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Discover our handbags crafted from EU plant-based textiles.
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Our materials
We are committed to choosing European plant-based materials.
VEGEA® Grape Leather
EU Hemp Textile
EU Solid Brass
Waste turned into high quality raw material

Our goal has been to research and utilise viable alternatives to animal leather while still supporting European agricultural sources. We turned to scientifically developed, innovative and circular bio-based materials for answers; VEGEA® Grape Leather derived from Italian wine waste. Our research for these waste-led materials doesn’t stop at the exterior, but applies itself to the lining and hardware of our bags as well.

Our materials

VEGEA® Grape Leather

Working in collaboration with Italian wineries, VEGEA® Grape Leather adds value to grape residue from the winemaking process.

The manufacturing process begins with the extraction of bio-oil from the grape seeds and combining this with the stalks and other natural fibres from cultivation through a patented process, to fabricate a textured, supple leather-like material. VEGEA® Grape Leather is composed of 77% eco-composite (vegetal, renewable and recycled raw materials) and of 23% WBPU (water-based polyurethane). The end product material is extremely breathable, high temperature resistant, water resistant, has good physical properties and highly sustainable, with grape marc, a by-product of the huge volumes of wine produced annually. Despite being a significant development to repurpose waste, VEGEA® Grape Leather is not yet fully biodegradable and recyclable mainly due to the coating of WBPU added to the fabrics.

VEGEA® Grape Leather is REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant and solvent free. Additionally, this material is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified, tested and largely innovative and sustainable in the European market. The leather is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, with no odour, no synthetic or polluting oils, and with minimal ecosystem impact.

Our materials

Hemp Textile

Our linings are made from European, certified 100% hemp textile, guaranteed free of environmentally toxic products. Unlike cotton, hemp textile requires very little water and no additional chemical additives for its cultivation. Its harvest does not generate any waste since all parts of the plant are utilised for various uses. Additionally, its fibre is naturally antibacterial and durable. Hemp plants breathe more carbon dioxide than trees and can also remove other pollutants from the air. Hemp actually absorbs CO2 while it grows, making it a carbon negative crop. A super plant !

Our materials

Solid Brass

We are working to reduce the environmental impacts of our metal consumption by investing in low-impact recyclable metals of European origin.

Our bags are adorned with customised Italian solid brass pieces - an alloy of copper and zinc. It is consciously chosen for its timeless qualities and workability as well as its natural colour very similar to gold. This hardware brings a fetish value to the bag and strengthens the design’s singularity. Our bags become a lucky charm charged with emotional value for the person who carries it.